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Since our cd 'In Harmony' was released, our music has much evolved. The music on the cd was completely recorded into a computer. However, the music that we now make is 100% live recorded. This adds much more spontanaity to the music.

The musical style has shifted a bit from new age-like music with mainly strings to music that contains more sequences and leads.

Update 30/05/02: in the years since the release of 'In Harmony' we have been making music, mainly for ourselves. Many of this 100% live and spontaneous music was recorded on minidisc. Recently we have been listening to these old discs and found that there was enough good material to fill 3 cd's with music. We are now considering releasing this material on cd-r, although the sound quality is not as optimal as a 'real' sudio recording (but we hope it's still good enough). We'll let you know more as soon as we do.


To demonstrate the kind of music that we make nowadays, we have put some demos online. The demos are in Real Audio and are encoded to be played on a 28k8 modem connection. You will need Real Player (or compatible software, like the Windows Media Player) to hear the demos.

Working title Length Remarks
E-Live 99 13:15 When we recorded this track, we thought it was so good that we could have played it at a concert, like E-Live 99 (The track was recorded months before this). That's the reason for the funny name. It's just a working title...
Legend 9:50 What can we say, just go with the flow...